Practice Areas

International Arbitration


There are different arbitration forums in which we represent our Clients when they become embroiled in a dispute.  The more common are the LCIA, the LMAA and GAFTA, all of which have their jurisdictional centre in London.    They are all specialist Associations which offer mediation and arbitration services to their Members and the Trade in which they operate.  Representing Clients in arbitration involve us in the collection and review of evidence, taking witness statements as well as the instruction of experts.  We frequently draft all the necessary submissions and applications which are put before the Tribunal.

Arbitrations can be as expensive as court proceedings which is why we remain active in promoting possible solutions to the dispute.  It is never too late to have a matter resolved by negotiation and so maintain those vital commercial relationships.  Some disputes do continue to a documents alone determination by the Tribunal or we may be required to represent the Clients at an oral hearing with witnesses; possibly taking the matter to the High Court on appeal of a point of law.  All of these paths are well known to us and we will guide the Client on the best route through to the determination of their claim.