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Our firm boasts a worldwide network of correspondent lawyers who work in tandem with our firm to arrest or release a vessel, her bunkers or her cargo. An important aspect when considering arrest  is assessing the costs of arrest, the counter security as well as post arrest court procedure and delay.  Armed with this information we seek to advise our Clients on the cost effectiveness of the arrest jurisdiction under consideration before costs have been incurred and action is taken.


Sensitivity of polluting the world’s oceans and seas following the loss of a Vessel, bunkers or her cargo requires the closest of co-operation with the local authorities, the media and the “response” services to limit the damage sustain, meet the local’ expectations and answer their concerns, and to deal with the pollution quickly and effectively. Our Firm is able to guide and assist our Clients and their contractors in dealing with local authorities by providing practical advice on steps that need to be taken, in good time and before being called upon by the Authorities to act. In the event of loss or pollution, we can advise on the legal aspects which have occurred and further handle all legal consequences resulting from the incident.


Piracy on the high seas is unfortunately a reality for ships, crews and their owners. In such cases, where our Clients are the unfortunate victims of piracy, we deal with the negotiation, ransom payment and the Authorities in order to bring the situation to an end, and to bring the vessel and crew safely home. We can also assist with the resulting claims that may arise following piracy attacks, such as charterparty disputes, including off hire, cargo loss or damage, delay claims, as well as crew injury and/or death.